JP in studio at 103.9 The FoxI’m Jonathan Peletis, aka JP, aka Jonny P, and a few other names which are too hot for TV.

This website has some examples of projects I’ve worked on over the years.

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Let’s rewind a bit, say 2000 thru 2008. I worked in the direct marketing industry. Before that, I went to school for a “fun marketing” career, like creating Super Bowl commercials with horses playing football…. instead I ended up in an office working on TPS reports for three managers named Bob.

Enough time goes by and the desire to do something different takes over.  I decided to take the business skills I learned within the mean streets of cubicle-living to a world where you can create your own path to success.  Well, eventually.  First I had to become a 30yr old intern.

From 2008 thru 2014, I became immersed in the broadcast industry.  I spent most of my time at radio stations, but my job wasn’t just radio.  While creating compelling on-air content that connects with your audience is a requirement for good radio, I quickly learned that in the internet age, it has to go much further than Marconi’s famous invention.

Connecting with the audience is key on all channels, including the video and interactive side I focused on.  I was handling social media, live streaming, mobile marketing, websites, graphics, and podcasting.  These new avenues forced me to learn something new every day.

Thankfully, my corporate background helped me merge the two industries to understand how the big picture really fits together.  Even with all that, people still just want to know, “So, what’s it like being on the radio? Do you get to pick the songs?”

Which brings me to……now.

I’m always looking for the next opportunity and a chance to learn some new skills.  Like the great philosopher/campaign manager Napoleon once said, “…like nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.”

And no, I couldn’t pick the songs.